Thursday, 1 July 2010

Chief Exec and Corporate Director

Jon Reynolds meet with the out-going Chief Executive of the Borough Council of Wellingborough, Lyn Martin Bennison and Corporate Director for Young People, Terry Wright. The meeting was productive and the three discussed that Jon's election promises.
Jon has also made progress towards raising his profile as the Council have arranged further press interviews with Jon so that he may reach as many young people as possible.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Jon meets Leader of the Opposition!

Last wednessday Jon Reynolds meet with Cllr. Shashi Dholakia, Leader of the Opposition on the Wellingborough Council and Leader of the Wellingborough Labour Group. Jon and Cllr. Dhalakia happy discussed all sorts of issues from Council affairs and struture and personal history to Personal politics and issues in the borough! Jon is looking forward to meetings with other officails such as Council Lead members, the Leader of the Council and the Council directors all of which are being planned!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Advisors begin to role in!

Jon Reynolds has began to turn his forst election plegde into reality, during the election Jon promised to establish a Board of Advisors if elected and now elected such a board is forming! On Thrusday Chairman of the ODS Youth Committee, Thomas Turrell (MYP for Wellingborough 2008 - 2010 and Chairman of the Wellingborough Youth Council 2009 - 2010) accepted the role of Cheif Advisor and Media Advisor! On Saturday saw Kaylea Vaughan, Lord Luitenant for Northamptonshire (2009 - 2010) and St John's cadet Champion accept a role as Advisor for Youth Liesure and Clubs, David Smith, Children and Young Peoples Partnership Area and Shadow Board member accept the role for Advisor for General Youth Affairs and Jamie White accept the role Advisor for Youth relations. The role of Deputy Chief Advisor and Advisor for Youth Representation have boh been offered to the same person and pending response.
Information on the board can be found on Jon's website

Jon wins election!

Jon Reynolds has been elected to succeed Thomas Turrell as the Member of Youth Parliament for Wellingborough (Borough)! Jon's will serve a 2 year term between 2010 ad 2012! But Jon did better than expected, not only did Jon win the Wellingborough seat but he defeated his East Northamptonshire Counter part to become the Member of Youth Prliament for Northamptonshire. On Jons first day of office he met with Thomas Turrell, who served as MYP for Wellingborough between 2008 - 2010 and also served as campaign manager for Jon during the UKYP elections. Jon is eager to start making his promises acts and to start the machine of change!
Meetings are being arranged with local officails, so far a meeting with the Council Chief Executive and Corporate Director for Children and Young People is awaiting a date to be confirmed, a meeting with the Leader of the Council and the Lead Member for Children and Young People will take place after the Councils AGM, a meeting with local MP, Peter Bone will take place after the general election if Peter is re-elected and a meeting with the Council's Leader of the Opposition is set for Wednesday the 24th March!
Jon is estimated to have recieved a mininuim of 15% of the counties vote, possibe a record figure in wellingborough!
Jon is elected and working for Wellingborough!